I am a senior at Laguna College of Art and Design studying rigging and animation for game. For my senior project, I am creating two characters and rigging/animating them. I am also interested in cinematics, so after I graduate, I will be creating a short (1 min at most) cutscene with the characters.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rig Progress!

So here's the basic skeleton for the Lost character.  Since she will be moving sort of like a mermaid, I just rigged her legs as one mass.  I will still have IK chains for the leg(s) as well as for the arms.
For the cloth, I think I've just made a breakthrough.  I need to test it to see if it works, though.
I just learned that you can link locators to vertexes in Maya.  If I can do that, then link the bones to the locators, and then run the cloth sim, I can get that animation info onto the bones.  I would need to somehow save that animation and re-aply it onto a copy of the skinned model without the locators.